Cork & bamboo flooring offer excellent options for your home

Today's flooring market is a rising trend that uses all-natural, eco-friendly materials as a viable option for many homes. Both cork and bamboo flooring offers exceptional benefits and characteristics that can be used in many rooms in your home with excellent results. If you are unfamiliar with these superior materials, be sure to read along now to find out more.

Bamboo and cork flooring can deliver exceptional results

Bamboo flooring is classified as a type of hardwood, but it is a kind of grass crafted in various ways for flooring that can sometimes be stronger and more durable than oak materials. In addition to being an eco-friendly option, they are also more affordable than solid hardwood and offer exceptional versatility. You can even mop them with soapy water without causing damage to the materials.

Cork flooring gives you a different kind of aesthetic, with millions of tiny air pockets that make this a comfortable and insulating floor covering and make it durable, with resistance to cracks, abrasions, and stains. The material is fire-resistant and practical in many areas of your home. These floors can easily give you a 40-year lifespan, resisting mildew, mold, and termites all the while.

If you are ready to consider a different kind of flooring that offers affordable, eco-friendly options, these products are worth your time. Be sure to ask if they will fit your specific requirements beyond these we have mentioned here. You may find they are a perfect fit for your needs.

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