Decorating with patterns

Decorating with patterns

You’ll be surprised how much patterns can add interest to your room.  Experiment with different shapes, sizes and colors and have fun defining the important spaces within your home. Choose what speaks to you. Bold, high contrast patterns complement small spaces, like a dining room. Or maybe you would rather have smaller, geometric designs.  Subtle patterns such as Caress Stylish Art, which uses light and dark yarns in the same tone, can create a seamless, sophisticated look for larger rooms. Shaw’s emphasis on patterns gives you a wide array of beautiful and unexpected looks to help you create a truly unique look.

Another way to achieve a unique, defined look is to layer a custom piece of carpet on top your hardwood floors. Layering with a piece of carpet brings softness and comfort and creates better acoustics while also allowing you the flexibility to change colors and patterns more frequently.

The bottom line is: you don’t have to use the same type of flooring throughout your entire home.  Play around with patterns to define spaces within your home. If you would like some assistance, many stores you’ll find in our store locator have designers who can help you find the exact floor you need to make the statement you want.  Let them help guide you on the best use of patterns and colors to express your individual style.

Remember, your home is your canvas.  Patterns and layers and color and texture can help make it a work of art.

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