Do you want your child’s bedroom to be beautiful, but are wondering what floor is practical for messy children? Floor De Lis Flooring can help guide you in the right direction!

When building or remodeling a children’s bedroom, you must keep in mind the wear and tear of a child as they play and grow up in their bedrooms. There are many options in bedroom flooring. We offer carpet, hardwood, tile/stone, laminate, and resilient (vinyl). We will tell you the positive and negatives about each option so that we can help you sort through them!

Carpet is a comfortable option. This is great for tummy time for babies and is easy on toddlers knees when crawling. Carpet is warm and comforting to play on. Carpet is not the easiest to clean up. Imagine a spilt sippy cup of milk in the carpet. This would take longer to clean up than wood floor or laminate. Hardwood floors are gorgeous. There are so many color options, and stain choices. Hardwood floors make for a super easy clean up by quickly mopping or sweeping. A drawback is that if a wet spot is left for too long on the wood too long, a lasting stain may occur. Tile or stone also can be a quick and easy clean up. Tile may be too cold of a surface for your children to sit down and play on. Also with spills, the grout between the tiles can stain. Laminate is pressed wood flooring. Laminate is strong, resistant to scratching, and is practically water proof. Laminate floors are the more childproof than traditional hardwood floors. Resilient (vinyl) seems like a great option. With vinyl, you get the positives of all the other options. Vinyl is completely stain resistant. Juice, water, diaper leaks, wet feet walking after bath time do not harm the flooring at all! The only drawback is that the surface is not as soft or comfortable like carpet.

I hope you are feeling relieved after we have explained to you the many options in your child’s bedroom flooring. We also offer interior design. We would love to help you with any questions you have, to show you color samples, or to give you an estimate. Are you considering buying and installing your child’s bedroom flooring with Floor De Lis Flooring? Give us a call today at [[cms:phone]] or visit us in store on Canal Street.